You Can Now Buy The World's Blackest Paint For Just $15
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Guess What! You Can Now Buy The World’s Blackest Paint For Just $15

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You may have recently seen stories about the world’s blackest paint circulating the web by storm. Since the paint was revealed to the world, artists and creative types alike have been scrambling to get their hands on some of this mystical madness after seeing some amazing artwork created by the stuff. However, it turns out that ‘Vantablack‘, as it’s apparently called, isn’t actually available to the public.

get link British artist Anish Kapoor sneakily gained exclusive rights to the mystical black color, teaming up with the product developer Surrey Nano Systems, to then go and crush the hopes and dreams of artists across the world.

As things currently stand, another British artist, Stuart Semple, struck back at Kapoor, creating a supreme collection of colors that Kapoor is now banned from purchasing. This includes the flagship black color we all love, now known as Black 2.0. The new coloring is now available to buy and at a very reasonable price of $15 for 150ml! Unless you’re Anish Kapoor (fuck you Anish Kapoor), the paint will simply amaze you with artists calling it the blackest black you’ve ever seen! It can turn interesting 3D obejects into the void, emptying the object of life that then appears to be consumed by darkness. You can read more about the world’s blackest paint by visiting Semple’s website.

world's blackest paint
Alden Jaakola
world's blackest paint
world's blackest paint
Gonzalo Bernard
world's blackest paint
world's blackest paint
Layne Elkins
world's blackest paint
Maggie Durbin

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