This VFX Breakdown Of 'The Martian' Is Seriously Breathtaking
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This VFX Breakdown Of ‘The Martian’ Is Seriously Breathtaking

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source link The gap between real and fake in Hollywood blockbusters has never been soon close. It prompts you to question your sense of reality and perception of real life film. This VFX breakdown of blockbuster movie The Martian gives you an insight into the process of creating alien worlds with the use of a green screen and today’s incredible computing power.

VFX Breakdown
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binäre optionen charts The chances are that 80% of what you see in modern day film is actually constructed within a computer. Cars, buildings, people and even whole cities are digitally created to build a whole world for movie magic. This VFX breakdown highlights the use of masking, cropping and adapting real-world footage into a remastered adaptation that’s truly out of this world. The Martian, an Oscar-nominated movie, blurred the lines of what is real and what is CGI to produce an outstanding and inspiring story that follows a young astronaut stranded on our neighboring red planet.

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