She was dangerously thin, but her amazing husband helped transform her body

She Was Dangerously Thin, But Her Amazing Husband Helped Transform Her Body

Share this post This touching story of a struggling actress is making the round on social media. Rachael Farrokh is going viral because of her shocking transformation helped by her amazing husband who helped her transform her body.

transform her body
Rachael Farrokh

kingdom pro opzioni digitali Rachael was struggling with a very serious case of anorexia for several years and wanted to upload a video of herself on the net. Since uploading, strangers have been reaching out, begging the actress to source the help that she so desperately needs.

Rachael Farrokh

dating chat rooms for free Rachael was severely underweight and had to be carried up and down the stairs by her husband just to get around. To her luck, Rachael had a faithful companion to help her during this difficult time – her devoted husband.

Rachael Farrokh

source url Fast forward a couple years and Rachael has done the impossible! She has overcome her anorexia and now looks completely different! Take a look below at some of her before and after treatment pictures. The last image shows just how far the struggling actress has made it, showing how inspirational her husband was towards her while she was trying to beat anorexia and transform her body.

Rachael Farrokh

Rachael Farrokh

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