20 Cute But Terrified Cats At The Vets

20 Cute but Terrified Cats at the Vets

Check out our compilation of 20 terrified cats at the vets with hilarious reactions and terrible puns.

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see url With adorably cute reactions to life’s most peculiar things, cats are renowned for their hilarious reactions. Seen from our hilarious collection of 20 cute but terrified cats at the vets, you can see the sudden look of shock from these poor fluffy kitties. With a lack of enthusiasm for the majority of vet examinations, these cats will delight you with their priceless reactions. Enjoy the terrible puns…

1. You have cat to be kitten me right now

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2. That’s some Cat-titude

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3. Nah mate.

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4. I’ll wait in here

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5. We’re having a Mewment

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6. Get meow’t of here.

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7. I’ma need some serious Purr-suasion

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8. Con-cat-ulations, you won.


9. I’m A-paw-ed you dragged me here

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10. Is he gone?


11. Maybe they will fuurget about me.


12. Wahh.


13. Just pawsome.


14. They cant see me


15. I’m not feline well


16. Face your fears


17. I purr-furr not to visit the vets.


18. Cant be tamed


19. Who’s asking?


20. A mewment like this.


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