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These Cops Spark An Outrage In The Arrest Of Young Autistic Boy

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Kids with disabilities go through so much on a daily basis just to get by. This young autistic boy was arrested.

Not only is school the worst of their problems, but the day to day mentality of having to face bullying and harassment can be enough to tip some over the edge. Many children have trouble trying to control their emotion and behaviors, with special people assigned to work with them to lessen the struggle. These people receive hundreds of hours of training to deal with such behaviors and outbursts which can sometimes turn violent.

Young Autistic Boy
Facebook / Fox 13 Tampa Bay

10-year-old John Haywood is one of these children. the young autistic boy is uncomfortable with being touched and is prone to occasional violent outbursts when he’s stressed and emotional. Recently, Haywood was expelled from his school, completing his curriculum at home. When his mother brought him in for some standardised testing, she got the shock of a lifetime when the boy was randomly arrested on school grounds.

Haywood’s mother recorded the whole lot, and it can be upsetting to watch. The young autistic boy is confused and upset with the officers refusing to inform his mother why he’s being arrested.

Young Autistic Boy
Facebook / Fox 13 Tampa Bay

The arrest apparently stemmed from an incident which occurred six months prior, where Haywood allegedly hit and kicked and apparently threatened a teacher at the school. The victim said they pressed charged so that Haywood’s mother would seek additional help for the boy.

The family of Haywood wrote a letter begging for the charges to be dropped, however, the state of Florida currently in charge of the prosecution, stating that; “In this case, we are not seeking to give him a criminal record or anything of that nature,” state prosecutor Ashley Albright said. “The goal is to get the Department of Juvenile Justice and the state of Florida to provide some additional assistance and counseling for him.”

Understandiby, The police department has come under fire for their treatment of the young autistic boy, who like many autistic people, is very sensitive to touch.

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