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Intricate Doodling
Art & Design

This Graphic Designer Takes Doodling to a Whole new Level

27-year-old graphic designer Visoth Kakvei is causing a storm online with his stunningly intricate...
world's blackest paint
Art & Design / OMG

Guess What! You Can Now Buy The World’s Blackest Paint For Just $15

You may have recently seen stories about the world’s blackest paint circulating the web...
Paper Cut-Outs
Art & Design / OMG

Take A Look At What This Photographer Has Created With Simple Paper Cut-Outs And Some Iconic Locations.

Artist and photographer Rich McCor, aka Paperboyo McCor, is best known transforming iconic locations...
Art & Design

Russian Artist’s Amazing Cartoon Illustrations of Famous Celebrities

Transforming famous faces into adorable illustrations is a much-loved way to show off your...
Art & Design

20 Terrible Architects Who Clearly Want to Watch the World Burn

We see our fair share of poorly designed public spaces and buildings. We’ve compiled...

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