15 Crazy-Funny Business Names

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Looking to make your business stand out from competition? Why not make an impression and take some inspiration from these 15 crazy funny business names that are 100% real. It seems apparent that there are many clever, witty and dam-right hilarious names to give to a restaurant/bar alone.

1. Get your free rub with big dick!

2. Bonnie Tyler’s Tilers Inc.

3. Fighting for your grass cutting rights.

4. You get more than just a drink at this pub.

5. The perfect name to attract customers.

6. A barbers or..?

7. Ima F*ck You. Brilliant.

8. Just plain wrong.

9. Oil lube! A great coffee mixer.

10. Barf is on the menu

11. Yes, the clothes at this store only live once.

12. Subliminal messages work.

13. Aim!

14. Catch 22, or is it?

15. The world’s most peaceful cleaning service.

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